When we began this endeavor, there was one word that came up consistently when talking about starting a new venture in LARP: community. At Ashwick Plantation we are attempting to create a community that cares about its participants but also cares about the other LARPs and LARP-adjacent communities as well. As we are still over 12 months from our first true event, we are focusing this year on community building.


The next step in fostering our community is cementing our mailing lists. This might seem like a simple logistical chore, but it isn’t. It is one of the first steps in establishing a community by providing everyone with the same message and ensuring players, NPCs, and staff are on the same page. This is extremely important in regards to expectations, and especially so in LARPs that deal with the ethical concerns of our genre and time period.


If you are interested in joining Ashwick Plantation, we highly suggest you check out our Contact Us page to sign up for our mailing lists for NPCs and Players alike.


We said we are looking at a full year focused on community, so here’s a sneak peek at the next few months.


We plan on releasing a forum for you all to share ideas and to keep announcements better organized. We will also be featuring our first CP Exchange and go into details about how exchanges work within our ruleset. We wouldn’t be upset if you began guessing at who will be the first to get an Ashwick Plantation endorsement, but we also don’t intend to divulge that secret just yet. Some of you have been paying attention, though…


Further, we have multiple events planned leading up to our playtest. First, a crafting event where we will help instruct on costuming and crafting (perhaps even a schematic might be given out). Second, a clean-up / walk through of the Salem Pioneer Village. We all know how winter and early spring can affect a site, and we want to assist the Pioneer Village in any way possible. It will also help people get a first look at this new location for LARPs.


There are other plans we have, but they are much further down the line or necessitate a bit more secrecy, so mum’s the word for now. As we gear up for the beginning of LARP season, we feel it is most important to stay connected.

Head on over to the Contact Us page and join our mailing list to ensure you never miss a beat!

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