Character Point Exchange

A major part of our LARP experience is created by the people that surround us. With that in mind, we wanted to talk about our Character Point (CP) exchange opportunities.


If you NPC a LARP we have an exchange with twice or attend a Community Event we are a part of twice, you will receive one extra Between Game Action. Between Game Actions allow your character to interact more with the world between events. The more you participate with other LARPs, the more you’ll be able to participate in Ashwick Plantation. Throughout the entirety of Ashwick Plantation, we intend to have exchanges with multiple LARPs to give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy many different styles of play.


The first LARP that we have partnered with is Ballad – a time travel LARP starting March 31st. Ballad is part of Be Epic, a LARP company that has brought to life the worlds of Steam and Cinders, Second Dawn, Lacuna Cathect, and 420.


Ballad will run as five weekend-long (Friday night – Sunday afternoon) events spaced out over the course of Spring to Fall 2017. Events will take place at Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA.


Their first event is March 31 – April 2.

If you would like to join us and want to help Ballad, please email them at


From the creators:

Ballad is a heroic time-travel larp. Heroes will be from the modern day, and – much to the heroes surprise – an unavoidable danger to the past will pull them away on a dire quest to save other times, and perhaps even their own. Ballad is about working together to protect the timeline and the people the heroes meet in each setting.


The first event is set in Camelot, and every subsequent event will take place in a different interesting time and place.

Ballad is meant to feel like a successful Dungeons and Dragons campaign– heroic, a little campy, challenges to overcome, but with characters that genuinely matter to each other. Ballad is inherently collaborative– from the hook, it’ll be apparent that players need to work together to solve the challenges that face them.


Ballad will have combat: we aim to have many fights include puzzle elements. Logical puzzles will be incorporated into mods and similarly, physical puzzles (like a 3D puzzle or metal puzzle) will be featured. Historical roleplay challenges and heist mods will be featured and players will find themselves having to take command of various NPC groups.”
From all of us at Ashwick Plantation, we can’t wait to see you all, March 31st at Ballad!

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