Gun Crafting

At Ashwick Plantation, we’ve heard crafters delight about making their own guns for our game. Schematics, tips, and photos of guns are some of our most asked for items when Ashwick Plantation is brought up. With that being said, we figured we should release something that will get the crafter in you excited for our upcoming events.

Check out our instructable for how to make a doglock musket for Ashwick Plantation:

The weapons will be wood stock blow guns using NERF darts as ammunition (with a slight surprise added for you at game) with PVC tubing for a barrel.

As for the doglock, one of the most interesting pieces of history we’ve found in regards to our game is that the late mid-late 17th century is a varied place where fashion, tools, culture, and yes, weapons are in a state of flux.

Fashion moved forward from the time of the first Pilgrims as merchant adventurers arrived with hopes of new wealth. The doublet and breeches began to go out of fashion in England, but it would last throughout King Phillip’s War among some in the colonies. Likewise, stays, petticoats, and headwear changed over the coming years.

Planes, chisels, and saws went through changes in size, durability, and style for woodworkers while the first thermometers and microscopes made medicine more effective.

Lastly, the Thirty Years’ War brought about changes in warfare. Doglocks replaced matchlocks and wheellocks, and flintlocks would soon replace the doglocks. For now, the doglock is king. Have fun crafting it!

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