Divine Intervention Exchange


We are happy to announce that we are partnering with another LARP in an Exchange just in time for our playtest!

Remember, if you NPC a LARP we have an exchange with or attend a Community Event we are a part of twice, you will receive one extra Between Game Action. Between Game Actions allow your character to interact more with the world between events. The more you participate with other LARPs, the more you’ll be able to participate in Ashwick Plantation.

Our second LARP to join us is Divine Intervention – another LARP from Be Epic! Divine Intervention begins this fall with their first event being September 1st-3rd. Events will take place at Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA. They welcome involvement from all be it as a player or a member of the cast.

You can join us June 10th in Wayland to help with their War Day as well!

For more info please visit any of their Website, Facebook, Forums, or email them at DivineInterventionLarp@gmail.com

From the creators:

Divine Intervention is Be-Epic’s fourth open invitation multi-year campaign. It is a Medieval Magepunk boffer larp focused on a central branching narrative arc that every player has the ability to interact with and impact through an even mix of roleplay, tactics based combat, and puzzle solving.


Divine Intervention takes place in the fictional medieval magepunk world of Aukana. For centuries, the world of Aukana has been full of mundane nations warring, trading, and living. At different points, the Gods of the world –known as The Five– have been seen walking among the people, performing wonders and then disappearing in a flash again. Aside from that, however, Aukana was a simple place, its people just beginning to get a handle on stable society.

At least until nineteen years ago when, in an event that has become known as the Illumination, The Five granted humanity the gift of magic without warning. In an instant, every farmhand and lord on the planet could work miracles.

Society changed. Wars grew far more terrifying than ever before, new alliances formed, and humanity wondered if this Magic would last. But it remained, and with it the people of Aukana have begun taking the world into their own, now capable, hands and shaping it into one of prosperity for all.

Divine Intervention begins when the Five issue a decree: Come. Live with them. Learn. So that you might ensure the future of Humanity in the same place it began… within the Origin of Life.

Will you answer the Gods’ call?


Divine Intervention is intended to be a game of grounded hope. Hope in progress and the future that humanity is capable of, grounded by palpable reminders of their own fragile bodies and minds as well as their fraught and messy past. This is a game in which small groups of people will be able to affect history profoundly but where the outcomes will always come with new non-binary complex questions.


Game will be divided annually into four weekend-long events taking place at Camp Denison in Georgetown MA. The first three events each year will primarily focus on the playerbase preparing for an expedition into what is known as “The Origin of Life”, during the final event of the year, in which many dynamics of regular play will be altered or inverted. These four event seasons, each ending in an expedition into the Origin, will continue along a fixed story arc expected to last between three to five years depending on player action.

Visit Divine Intervention’s Website. We hope to see you alongside us this weekend for our playtest and also in June at their War Day!

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