Event 1 and LARP Girl

We are pleased to announce that Kaza Marie – LARP Girl – will be joining us for our first event! Kaza has dedicated the past few years introducing people to all that LARP has to offer through her Youtube channel.

From Kaza:

“On my channel, I explore the many worlds of live action role play and document the adventures they take me on. Also on my channel are videos featuring content about larp combat, costuming, roleplay and even a few DIY spells/rituals. I have a lot of fun making videos and deeply appreciate being able to continue to create content about larp.”

You can support LARP Girl by subscribing to her channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLarpGirl/featured

You can also support her through her Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Larpgirl

Event 1 and Imaginary Worlds

We are pleased to announce that we will be joined by Imaginary Worlds at Ashwick Plantation’s first event!

Imaginary Worlds is is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Eric Molinsky about sci-fi and other fantasy genres – how we create them and why we suspend our disbelief. From Wonder Woman to Harry Potter to “Rappers with Arm Cannons,” Imaginary Worlds has uncovered what makes our hobbies and subcultures so fun and wonderful.

A little over a year ago, Imaginary Worlds interviewed some amazing LARPers in episode 58: Winning The LARP. This year, we reached out to Eric and asked if he’d be willing to take the next step and join us for Ashwick Plantation to see what it’s like to live in the 17th century. In less than a month, Imaginary Worlds will be joining our NPC cast and discovering exactly what a Colonial New England Survival Horror LARP is

If you’d like to get spooked in the middle of the night by Eric and the rest of our NPCs and staff, we still have tickets available.

Imaginary Worlds is part of the Panopoly podcasting network. Visit them at https://www.imaginaryworldspodcast.org/ or search for them through your favorite podcast service.


CP Exchange – Threshold

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with another LARP in an Exchange just in time for our first event!

Remember, if you NPC a LARP we have an exchange with or attend a Community Event we are a part of twice, you will receive one extra Between Game Action. Between Game Actions allow your character to interact more with the world between events. The more you participate with other LARPs, the more you’ll be able to participate in Ashwick Plantation.

Our third LARP to join us is Threshold! Events take place at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford, MA. They are currently welcoming cast members.

For more info please contact AlbertEQX@gmail.com.

From the creators:

It is the year 2118.

In the aftermath of the third world war, global megacorps have ascended from the shattered nations. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Human Augmentation, and the Overlay have forced humanity to adapt or be forced to the outskirts. Earth itself has grown inhospitable. Class-5 typhoons, smog storms, and record heat levels have reshaped the world. Massive sea-level changes have reduced formerly prosperous areas, such as the northeast of the United States, into anarchic Unregulated Zones. With a world population of over 17 billion registered humans, the world has become a much smaller place for many more people.

To handle the growing number of time-sensitive threats, the five biggest megacorps have reformed the fast-response task force known as Threshold. Using prototype teleportation tech salvaged from what remained of the Atlas megacorp after the Berlin AI War, the Threshold Project is tasked with providing security on a global scale – but at what price?

Threshold is a dystopian cyberpunk Accelerant boffer LARP game. It will be a 3 year campaign of one-day indoor events with a small player base. Threshold Mission Events will be focused on small group missions and encounters within the bustling Threshold HQ. The Threshold player group is capped, but we are happy taking on new NPCs. We believe in our collaborators having as much fun as our players do in Threshold.

Please contact AlbertEQX@gmail.com if you are interested and/or have any questions.

Auction Item #3 – Capes!

For those of you looking to upgrade your wardrobe for Ashwick Plantation, our next auction item will start you on your way!

Our Costuming Department has created a wonderful cape for auction as our third auction item. Warm and water resistant, it complements most 17th century kits. As always, each item is coupled with a ticket for Event 1 as well.

We’re only a few days away, and there are other items to bid on. Make sure you mark your calendars for January 20th.

For more info on the Auction, please visit our facebook event




Auction Item #2 – Latex Mask

For those of you who have loved some of our mask and prop work, our next auction item gives you a chance to own one for yourself!

Our Prop Department has created an awesome mask for auction as our second item. This is a full mask made of latex. As always, each item is coupled with a ticket for Event 1 as well.

We’re only a few weeks away, and there are more items to bid on. Make sure you mark your calendars for January 20th!





Auction Item #1 – Theatrical Poster

With our auction coming up just over one month’s time, we felt we should show some of the fun items you can bid on.

The first item up for bid comes from our art team. They have created a 24″ x 36″ threatrical poster for Ashwick Plantation. It is a black and white matte digital print shown below and in our featured photo. The item is coupled with a ticket to our first event!

Make sure to let us know you’re coming to the auction by joining our Facebook event: https://m.facebook.com/events/157994691481224

Over the next few weeks we’ll unveil other items up for auction, and we’ll also have a rulebook update very soon.


Silent Auction January 20th

Ashwick Plantation is having an auction for its initial registration.

Join us January 20th for a party and silent auction. We will have many items to choose from that will be coupled with event tickets to our first event.

The auction will take place at 7 Blair Place #2 Cambridge, MA.


We will have food and drinks available, and more information about our auction items as we progress closer to the event.

Join our Facebook event to let us know you’re attending!



Ashwick Plantation: Event 1 Information

We are pleased to announce our first event!

Ashwick Plantation will begin April 28th at Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA.

Camp Middlesex has been home to numerous LARPs including Steam and Cinders, Witchwood, and – starting next year – Port Katherine. Their site is well-maintained and perfect for our needs.

For now, we would like to go over a basic overview of what you can expect for and at the event.

The event is from Saturday, April 28th to Sunday, April 29th.

Check-In will begin at 11am on Saturday and go until 1pm. We advise that players arrive between 9 and 10am to ensure they have ample time to set up their cabins and be ready for Check-In.

Safety and Workshops
Workshops will begin at roughly 12pm to lead players into character. Safety and Rules overview will happen at 1pm, and we will integrate safety calls through workshops until 2pm.

If you are not checked in by 1pm and have not gone through the Safety and Rules overview nor have done any of the workshops, you will be asked to go through those procedures with a staff member before getting in character.

Game On
“Game On” is at 2pm. The event will run straight through the night with a soft “Game Off” around 2am. Game On will resume the next morning at 8am for an In-Game breakfast, with closing ceremonies at approximately 12pm.

Dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning will be provided by Ashwick Plantation.

Registration will be handled in a three-fold manner: an auction in January, a lottery in early March, and first-come-first-serve sign up in mid-March. We feel it is most fair to give multiple options for players to register. We will have more information on these as we near closer to each registration event.

Unfortunately, Salem’s Pioneer Village is unable to host us for our first event in the Spring due to construction and repairs taking place. However, we intend to keep a strong relationship with them over the coming months and we are working on reserving a spot for our Fall event. We and the Pioneer Village are excited for the changes and cannot wait to unveil a LARP event on the site for the first time.

Intramersive’s Daemonologie

Ashwick Plantation is pleased to announce another incredible event at Salem’s Pioneer Village: Daemonologie.

Every Friday night, from September 29 through October 27, audiences will be treated to the latest in immersive theater experiences in a show that blends magic, horror, and the audience’s input to create a novel outcome every time.

The show puts the audience in the middle of a 1680 New England witch hunt in a world where magic is real and threat is imminent.

Daemonologie tests not only the audience’s wits, but their ethics, and the end of the story depends on the choices the audience makes.

Daemonologie is the brainchild of Carly Dwyer and Margot Tate, the co-founders of Intramersive Media, LLC. “There are no innocent bystanders.” says Tate. “You’re either part of the solution or complicit in the horror.”

Directed by Dwyer, Daemonologie is not just a play – it’s also a game. “Repeat players welcome,” says Ms. Dwyer. “We are really interested in using activism as our driving theme,” she explains. “We want our audience to know they have power, they have information, and they can make a difference in the outcome of the show.”

Taking cues from the popularity of immersive theater shows such as Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More or Third Rail’s And Then She Fell, and the proliferation of escape rooms, Tate and Dwyer formed Intramersive to take audiences to a deeper level of theater immersion. The audience of Daemonologie will be able to choose to engage with the actors – or not — and impact the story as they see fit.

Daemonologie will be presented three times nightly every Friday night, starting September 29, and running October 6, 13, 20 and 27. Tickets can be purchased online at https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/34954 or read more about Daemonologie and Intramersive Media at https://www.intramersive.com

Opportunities at The Witch House and Pioneer Village


We at Ashwick Plantation are happy to announce an incredible opportunity. The Witch House and Pioneer Village are looking for tour guides, gift shop staff, storytellers, and performers for their upcoming daytime tours and evening performances!

The Witch House will be featuring Tales at the Witch House – Ghostly tales performed in their ancient darkened chambers – while the Pioneer Village prepares for Dark of Night – candlelit stories in the cottages along the edge of the woods.

You can also join them for their historical tours and their beautiful Lanterns in the Village event.

For employment opportunities email them at info@witchhouse.info.

For more information on their events, check out http://www.witchhouse.info and http://www.pioneervillagesalem.org.

Stay tuned for more exciting events at Salem’s Pioneer Village.